Day 19 - Moving On (3/8/13)

I’m happy to say that I’ll be moving on to phase 2 of Dev Bootcamp on Monday. Today’s assessment was less stressful for me than the first one, but it was not an easy day. One person from our cohort was asked to leave, and another was given the option of either repeating phase 1 or leaving. I hope she decides to stay at DBC. It takes a lot to get here, and while having to repeat a phase is daunting (I should know), when you look back at the experience, say, six months or a year later, the extra three weeks is barely a blip on what should be the start of a long career in software development.

News like this hits the group pretty hard, which may sound a little strange since all of us have only known each other for three weeks. But it’s a really intense three weeks, and friendships form quickly.

I’m heading back to Austin tonight for a quick weekend with my wife and kids, which is a very welcome break. I’ll also put in some time studying some of the material we’ll dive into on Monday. Phase two is supposed to be even more intense than phase one, and I actually feel pretty excited to move on to new things.

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